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Bad Hair Day

Steam Treatments 


Steam Treatments uses steam and heat to effectively open each hair shaft. This allows maximum penetration of our customized conditioning agents that are specific to your needs. Think of it as a facial or sauna for your hair and scalp when using our hair steamer!

What it Does:

With an efficient combination of heat and steam, steaming your hair will provide the maximum amount of nourishment to your hair strands. Steam treatments can be used on any hair type, especially hair that needs additional moisture. It's also great for hair that is falling out or over processed due to chemical services. Not only are our stream treatments effective for your hair, it has great benefits to your scalp. Improve scalp circulation while lifting away scalp buildup and dandruff. 

How long does it last?

It may take a few treatments to see effective results, especially if the hair is extremely dry or damaged. Start restoring your hair with our steam treatments!​​

Ultra Sonic Treatment


The Ultra Sonic Treatment is the newest innovation in hair care! This is our most effective in-salon conditioning treatment. An ultra sonic hair iron is used to seal in gaps of the hair cuticle. This restores the hair fiber and elasticity for silky and shiny results. 

What it does:

Water, nutrition, and protein is infused directly into the cortex with the ultra sonic hair iron. This is the best way to recover any hair damage or breakage.  Ultra sonic treatments can be used on any type of hair. The more the hair is damaged, the more visible the effect will be.

How long does it last?

At home care after treatment is highly recommended with the Velvet Hair Mask available at the salon. The Velvet Hair Mask will continue on restoring your hair to become the healthiest it can be. With the mask to use at home and further ultra sonic treatments, you can revitalize your hair in just a couple of months!